“As I Remember It" - Paintings by Frank Peter Poulsen (DK)

The painter Frank Peter Poulsen lived from 1949-2016. After his death, about 20 paintings were donated to the GAIA Museum. We say thank you - and in this special exhibition, we display these expressive images with a color sensation and natural feeling only a few painters can achieve.

The painter Kurt Tegtmeier has taken care of his late friend Frank Peter Poulsen's left paintings. It is hundreds of works, of which Thisted Museum has received approx. 20, and Museum Ovartaci in Risskov and GAIA Museum an equivalent number.
A formidable memory made Frank remember everything he read and saw.It is the sensitivity to nature and melancholy found in much Nordic art. Frank Peter Poulsen´s consciousness and personality penetrate into the pictures he leaves. Frank leaves a reminder of a person with a rare sense of color that lives on in his paintings.
Frank Peter Poulsen lived a life with paranoid schizophrenia and OCD. It was a life in which alcohol in abundant amounts over the years became his own self-medication. But behind this fate there was a dedicated and talented artist and naturalist.
"Frank took the trip to Harring Mose. Afterwards, he painted some very atmospheric images with a light, a color sensation and a natural feeling only a few painters can achieve”, says Kurt Tegtmeier.In addition, Frank Peter Poulsen painted a number of far more expressive images in his last years, where his inner feelings and mood came up on the canvas.

There is free admission both for the special exhibition and the permanent collection at GAIA Museum.

Exhibition period 12.01-30.03 2019






 Frank Peter Poulsen 1976



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