The Academy's Autumn Exhibition 2019 – Fireworks of the Senses

This year the Academy's autumn exhibition focuses on the individual and individual artists ' distinctive expressions.
GAIA Academy works with a variety of different forms of expression, techniques and materials, and the artists, in collaboration with the art mentors, have selected the best and most expressive pieces from the production of the year. It is therefore with pride that GAIA Museum presents this year's exhibition.
GAIA Museum is a special museum for the original art, which is known as Arts Brut, Raw Art or Outsider Art. GAIA Museum has an art collection that accommodates more than 500 works by Danish and internationally renowned outsider artists. In addition, the GAIA Museum is a cultural company operated in collaboration between ordinary staff and people with special needs.
GAIA Academy Art School is affiliated with the GAIA Museum. The academy also offers specifically organized youth education (STU) with both art line and practical lines.
Artists represented in the exhibition: Maiken Buchardt, Mikkel Langberg Pedersen, Jens Rosenkilde, Pernille Riebeling Hansen, Benjamin Jordan, Maria Sloth s, Julie Andie Skov, Claus Thomsen, Ann Lykke Andreasen, David Viborg Jensen, Mike Kjær Jensen , Mia Sundstrup, Barosz Andrezejczak, Tobias Damgaard Stefansen, Maria Remdrup, Aleksander Aksel Mathiesen, Anders ryttermunk, Andreas Myrhøj, Stella Brouer Hejlsvig, Nanna Dehn, Martine Staack Dahl Sørensen, Camilla Hjorth Leth and Henriette Rathcke Skals.
There is free access both to the special exhibition and the permanent collection of the GAIA Museum.
Exhibition period 07.0-16.09 2019


 Pernille Riebeling Hansen

 Painting by Pernille Riebeling Hansen


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